Monday, March 10, 2014

Lying Can Be Tough, But is it Okay?


     Lying can be useful in desperate cases to saves someones potent sad emotion, but is it worth it? Are you willing to slip the truth to make your friend happy? People say that these fibs and the stretching the truth too far out won't be good for our future, but others say that it could make someone happier than they were when you tell them the truth. Personally, telling the truth is a lot better than lying because being kind to someone is better than telling the truth, people who tell polite lies are happier and more popular than others, and lying is okay if you make someone feel better.

Reasons why:

    Polite people are bound to be happier if they tell polite lies, overall. Why, you may ask? This is because they let themselves go free and live their life, while people who are brutally honest have to stick to rules and have to continuously hurt someones feelings if they keep disagreeing to whatever the other person says. Lets assume a kid named Joe was biking around and his best friend asked him, "Do you like wrestling?" His friend was a die-hard wrestling fan and if Joe said no, he would genuinely hurt his feelings. So he agreed and said yes even though it wasn't his favorite thing. Would you have done so? These don't affect your like much at all but it can help the liveliness of a friendship.

Most of the time kindness is more important the telling the truth, like if you were at a friends home and they asked if you like spaghetti and you said yes, just because it'd be impolite to say "No," so you ate it anyways. This is useful and researchers say that people can make at least two lies per day, but no one makes such big lies that it could affect them for their entire life. Also, lying can make someone feel a lot better. It can help build friendship towards each other. This could be bad somewhat if they are about to do something bad and they really want to do it but It'd be nice to say yes, although it would possibly ruin a life or two so you stop them.
Pinocchio was a liar and his nose grew longer every time he did. This is an example of how lying
can be somewhat bad and somewhat good for you, depending on the situation.


              Once again, lying can be termed as okay because being kind to someone is more important than telling the truth, it shows that people who tell polite lies are bound to be nicer and happier, and lying is okay if it makes someone feel better. I feel like lying is completely fine because without it some situations we're in to would be really tough and we'd struggle to find out how to get rid of them. Something that you should do in the comments is explain whether or not you'd lie and why. Overall, thank you for reading and LYING IS OKAY!

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