Monday, March 10, 2014

Lying Can Be Tough, But is it Okay?


     Lying can be useful in desperate cases to saves someones potent sad emotion, but is it worth it? Are you willing to slip the truth to make your friend happy? People say that these fibs and the stretching the truth too far out won't be good for our future, but others say that it could make someone happier than they were when you tell them the truth. Personally, telling the truth is a lot better than lying because being kind to someone is better than telling the truth, people who tell polite lies are happier and more popular than others, and lying is okay if you make someone feel better.

Reasons why:

    Polite people are bound to be happier if they tell polite lies, overall. Why, you may ask? This is because they let themselves go free and live their life, while people who are brutally honest have to stick to rules and have to continuously hurt someones feelings if they keep disagreeing to whatever the other person says. Lets assume a kid named Joe was biking around and his best friend asked him, "Do you like wrestling?" His friend was a die-hard wrestling fan and if Joe said no, he would genuinely hurt his feelings. So he agreed and said yes even though it wasn't his favorite thing. Would you have done so? These don't affect your like much at all but it can help the liveliness of a friendship.

Most of the time kindness is more important the telling the truth, like if you were at a friends home and they asked if you like spaghetti and you said yes, just because it'd be impolite to say "No," so you ate it anyways. This is useful and researchers say that people can make at least two lies per day, but no one makes such big lies that it could affect them for their entire life. Also, lying can make someone feel a lot better. It can help build friendship towards each other. This could be bad somewhat if they are about to do something bad and they really want to do it but It'd be nice to say yes, although it would possibly ruin a life or two so you stop them.
Pinocchio was a liar and his nose grew longer every time he did. This is an example of how lying
can be somewhat bad and somewhat good for you, depending on the situation.


              Once again, lying can be termed as okay because being kind to someone is more important than telling the truth, it shows that people who tell polite lies are bound to be nicer and happier, and lying is okay if it makes someone feel better. I feel like lying is completely fine because without it some situations we're in to would be really tough and we'd struggle to find out how to get rid of them. Something that you should do in the comments is explain whether or not you'd lie and why. Overall, thank you for reading and LYING IS OKAY!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top Grossing Movies!

Top Grossing Movies:

     We all know that 2013 is clearly over, but the movies are still going up in sales! The top grossing movie of 2014 was the recently released, most hoped for movie Hunger - Games : Catching Fire. Also, some honorable mentions was Iron Man 3 and Frozen. This may not mean a lot to you, but to the directors they've already earned millions of dollars from this income. Now let's talk about the movies: Hunger Games.. it had a rating of a 7.9/10. That's pretty good but it's not what most expected. The second most grossing movie, Iron Man 3, had a 7.4. This is also good but not what most people expected, especially for a Marvel Movie. 

My opinion:

     I had only watched Iron Man 3, but for the Hunger Games movie I read the entire series. As far as I know, most people assume that the book is better than the actually movie, and by the movie rating I can see that being true. Iron Man 3 was good and had its bad moments and cool moments, as you know it had action. People wished for more action since Iron Man 2 was more gossip. Otherwise, people were hyped up for this movie only because many people were deeply waiting for such a movie. But I think that this movie deserved the rating that it got, and I can't say much for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


These are the two movies that are the most grossing. People may have not liked them, but according to the amount of hits they had to try them. Overall this is the cover of Hunger Games, although the Iron Man 3 photo is just the most popular photo. These two movies were rated by experts.


I hoped you like the weekly blog! Question of the week:

"Which one of these two movies would you rather watch?"

I'd rather watch Hunger Games since I didn't watch it yet! Thank you for reading and please come again!

Thursday, February 27, 2014



    As you know, many people have been noticing the recent jump in Sony's stocks because of their new release. It has been magnificent and is an amazing console which I recommend everyone to buy, not just for playing games. It has good graphics and can be used for Netflix and Youtube, and even watching streaming hosts through Twitch.Tv. This allows a perfect amount of entertainment for the people who enjoy to watch multiple types of things. Overall, this console is great for many things.

My Opinion:

    I really love the thought they put in this console. It even has a touch pad on its controller! Isn't that amazing? Even though I don't have one, I wish to purchase one soon. I have done my research and it has a touch pad right on the controller which is extremely useful for many cases in searching if you don't enjoy using the joy stick. It also comes cheaper for the hard drive. Finally, the screen displays a better frames per second - a lot smoother in everything!

This is what the controller looks like. The middle is where you access the touch pad. The thing that they actually changed is the home button and start button, and I assume the start is on the right and home is one the left in the top corners of the pad. This looks like a great controller and many people even use it to play games on their PC!


Thank you for reading the weekly blog! Sorry for it not coming so often and at the same day. Question of the week:
"Would you buy a PS4?"
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Origin of Google

The Origin of Google:

    Many people haven't noticed.. but how many times have you heard, " Google it." Also, the famous meme, "Google is your friend." Google has changed the life of many and everyone uses it to web search. Heck, I used it to find this information my self! It saves a lot of time for other people to do more important things that they need to do. First off, Larry Page and Sergey Brin met up and they thought of the idea of google. Their first search engine was BackRub. It didn't work out so well, so was the domain since September 15, 1997.\

My Opinion on Google:

Google is great. It's the new way of "force" that moves through technology and people, like I had stated before, use it every day. For kids it's useful as they do their homework, and it helps them with projects. Also, for middle-aged people they use it for work purposes such as googling on a piece of coding. Overall, this is what I think of Google: AMAZING!


This is the way Google was made. You can see that many people were hyped for the release and Google was also made out of a garage. It is a multi-billion dollar company, which is also amazing.


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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Leonardo da Vinci:


    Leonardo da Vinci was born early in the world on April 15, 1452. He spent his five first years in the Hamlet of Anchiano. Very little is known about his early life. He loved art at that age and started painting right away. His family was a bit awkward since the mother and wife wasn't married when they had him. The mother was Caterina and the father was Pierro da Vinci. Some of Leonardo's major accomplishments was the invention of the Mechanical Machine. Also, he painted the Mona Lisa and Annunleation. He also sketched out many war machines and things like that, but never really invented them. Some interesting facts of his was that he was an illegitimate son since his mom and dad had never married. Also, he was as professional at five things : architect, musician, engineer, scientist, and inventor. Finally, he was an extreme example of a renaissance genius.


    "While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die." This was an amazing quote since it explains a lot in such few words. It creates a stir because its hard to identify what it means, but it means that he hadn't really found out the meaning of life until now and he's too old. Another quote by Leonardo: "Art is never finished, but only abandoned." This means that your art can always be better but you never touch it, thinking that it's already perfect. Finally, the last quote is, " The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." This clearly states that you can't have pleasure with something if you don't understand what it meNs.


    A major accomplishment that affected the world was all of his mechanical machines. This is because many people have had ideas of this during their time and they may have tried to invent it. He invented miniature versions of them, although. Another painting was the Mona Lisa. Many people come to the museum in France that holds this wonderful piece, which is priceless. It is a very famous piece. Lastly, he sketched out the ideas of war machines and was the first one to think about a plane! Many people in the 20th century saw these and actually made this.


    Thank you for reading this biography! I hope you guys enjoyed and tell me who you'd do for a biography!

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Great Refrigerator


Many people don't know the uses of refrigeration. It keeps our food perfect, making it cold and preserves it. It helps us keep in order and without it most shops wouldn't be there, at least for artificial food and things like that. It was made 200 years ago, very simply, but has gradually increased. In the 1700's during the war they refrigerated ice so they could help the soilders. Overall, refrigerators were a great improvement in our time and I'm glad to have them.

My opinion:
Refrigerators are the thing of the future and past and I love the history of it. It has helped us in so many ways and many of us wouldn't have much food as we do now if we didn't have it. I feel that many people do not ackknowledge the fact that the refrigerator has done such good things for us. All in all, refrigerators help me and I clearly do appreciate them.
This is what the average refrigerator looks like today. Obviously this isn't what it had looked like in the past as we're a lot more advanced nowadays. The top was usually the freezer and bottom was what keeps the food in "shape".

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"How does a refrigerator benefit you?"
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Inventions that Changed the World

Inventions that changed the world:

    Something that changed the world: A wheel. It's something we move on everyday, and we use it for transportation very frequently. Most people have a bike or car, and without it we would barely have any public places like school, church, etc. The wheel has changed the world in many other ways, also. The wheel wasn't really known in the beginning in B.C and no one really knew who invented it. They also were for mills to receive waters from wells.

My Opinion:

    A wheel is an amazing thing an not overrated one bit. It has progressed so much throughout the years, from being on a plow to being on cars and planes. It helps everyone, especially me transport to places I need to go. Without it, my education would be horrible because I'd never enjoy walking a few miles to get to school... Also, many people wouldn't have a job at all and no one would receive any money at all.

This is the wheel that has helped us throughout the years. It makes everything electronic move that can move
and people use it everyday. It has progressed and never looked like this in the beginning, instead wooden.


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